Educational Resources and Links

The internet is full of information for pet owners seeking advice and guidance. Unfortunately, much of the information is misleading and often false leading pet owners to make decisions that have a negative effect on their pet’s health. Determining which resources are trustworthy can be a daunting and frustrating challenge for pet owners.

Below are links we have chosen as trustworthy sites providing our clients with safe and reliable education on how best to care for your beloved pet. These links are to compliment the advice given to you by our team.

The College of Veterinarian of Ontario

Ontario Veterinary College

The Farley Foundation

Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

Ontario Associate of Veterinary Technicians

Kingston Regional Pet Hospital

Pet Health Network

American Animal Hospital Association


Pets and Parasites

Pet Disease Report | Real-Time Pet Disease Reporting

International Cat Care

WSAVA Global Veterinary Community