Behavioural Counselling

Every pet has a distinct personality and their own way of communicating. However, we’re familiar with the common behavioural issues that make it difficult to cohabitate with them. Our behavioural counselling sessions introduces you and your pet to techniques that discourage their unmanageable behaviour. We’ll be able to understand why they’re misbehaving and teach them how to stop or communicate in healthier ways. To register your pet for a behavioural counselling session, call us at 613-354-1020.

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Is behavioural counselling only for pets that are being bad?

This is a tricky question. We try to discourage the idea that they’re being “bad”. What we see is a pet who needs to be understood and find a better way to adjust to their home or new lifestyle. Often, the behaviour they’re displaying can be a result of mental health issues, such as separation anxiety, or past trauma from an old home. Sometimes, they simply require more discipline. We’ll be able to provide the tools and knowledge to assist you in making your home a safe space for you both.

What happens during a behaviour counselling session?

At the first session, we’ll get to know you and your pet. We will ask you many questions about your lifestyle and their behaviour. We will want to know if they’re adopted and what their life was like with their past owner. Prior to the appointment, take notes of their behaviour and share them with us. We will then suggest behaviour modification techniques you can practice at home. We may even give ideas on how to adjust your lifestyle or their environment to appeal to their softer side.

How do I know if my pet needs behavioral counseling?

You should look out for excessive barking, a violent attitude towards humans or other animals or a destructive nature. If they’re licking or scratching themselves often this could be a sign of anxiety or a skin condition. We won’t know for sure until you bring them in for an appointment and our veterinarians can determine the best treatment for them.

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