Blood tests are performed every time your pet visits for their annual examination or for a more specialized medical issue. Through their blood, we’re able to see what medical conditions they have that aren’t physically visible. Conducting regular blood tests help us detect the early signs of medical conditions and treat them before they create long-term damage or death. To learn more about your pet’s blood work, call us at 613-354-1020

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Are blood tests necessary if my pet isn’t showing signs of a medical issue?

Yes. Your pet may look well on the outside but blood tests expose underlying medical conditions. We do blood tests to monitor your pet’s wellbeing and determine if they can handle certain treatments. The more we know about your pet’s health, the better we can treat them. 

How do I prepare my pet for a blood test?

Ideally, your pet must fast 6 to12 hours before their blood test. (Blood tests can be done without fasting depending on the situation.) They must stay hydrated and feel relaxed when they come in for their appointment. It helps to keep them on their leash or in their carrier until they’re in the room with their veterinarian.

What can you learn about my pet from a blood test?

Blood tests reveal whether your pet has allergies, diseases, parasites or bleeding disorders. Their results can inform us on the condition of their organs or if they’re pregnant. We also do blood tests prior to surgery to determine the level of anesthesia appropriate for them.

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