Our hospital has veterinary cardiologists who are experts in caring for your pet’s heart. We are able to diagnose and treat issues related to your pet’s heart, lungs, blood vessels and blood. Combined, these components are called the “cardiovascular system” and our doctors are specially trained to ensure it runs smoothly. To learn more about our cardiology service and how it can benefit your pet, call us at 613-354-1020.

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How will I know if my pet is having heart problems?

If your pet is having difficulty breathing, has less energy and is disinterested in physical activity, this could indicate that your pet is experiencing heart problems. Your pet’s cardiovascular system is focused on whether oxygen and nutrients can be pumped between their heart and lungs. If they’re struggling to breathe, this is a sign their heart is not well and needs special attention. 

What is considered an emergency heart problem?

If your pet stops breathing, becomes paralysed or passes out, they will need urgent care. We recommend gently putting your pet into a vehicle and bringing them to our hospital as soon as possible. If possible, please call us on the way or before you leave so we can give you detailed instructions on how to monitor your pet and prepare for your arrival. 

What kind of heart problems could my pet have?

There are two types of heart problems: ones that develop over time and others that your pet is born with. Acquired heart problems can occur due to injuries or medical conditions that were detected too late, such as a heartworm infestation. Lifestyle factors such as weight and diet can also cause certain heart issues. Genetic heart problems include heart murmurs, irregular blood flow and other defects.

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