Bad breath, bleeding gums and an aversion to chewing food are all signs your pet is in need of dental care. These issues are often a sign of poor oral hygiene. They could have an infection, rotting teeth or be in need of a thorough brushing. We provide optimal dental healthcare because we know taking care of a pet’s teeth is not easy. Our services are available to cover all kinds of conditions and perform extractions if necessary. Book an appointment by calling 613-354-1020 to get your pet’s teeth cleaned and polished.

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What happens during a dental appointment?

During a dental appointment, our veterinarians perform a thorough dental examination and cleaning. This means we will need to use general anesthetic to keep your pet comfortable. We will examine below their gum line for infections using dental radiography (X-rays) and scrape any tartar or build up off their teeth. We’ll wrap up the appointment by offering advice on how to care for your pet’s teeth at home. If you need any tools for dental care, you can order them on our website or ask us during your visit. 

How can I help my pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy?

Brushing your pet’s teeth and gums regularly and using preventative dental care practices are the best ways to maintain your pet’s oral hygiene. There are dental chews that scrape plaque and tartar off your pet’s teeth while they have a deliciously playful time. We can also provide you with tasty toothpastes, brushes, water additives and dental diets that will keep your pet’s breath smelling clean and their teeth strong. (Water additives are similar to mouthwashes for pets. It fights plaque from developing on their teeth and protects their gums from developing serious infections.)

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