Sometimes our pet’s skin has reactions that may seem random and unexplainable. The only way to get below the surface of the issue is by bringing them in for a veterinary exam. We’ll be able to let you know if your pet is experiencing allergies, a parasitic infection or something else entirely. If you’re not sure whether they need an appointment or just a thorough washing, don’t hesitate to inquire by calling 613-354-1020. We’ll be happy to answer your questions over the phone and arrange an appointment if necessary. 

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How do I know if my pet has a skin problem?

You’ll know your pet needs to see a veterinarian if they’re constantly itching, licking or pulling at their fur. If they’ve developed bald spots, flakey skin or blisters on their body, this is a sign they need medical attention. However, you shouldn’t just inspect their skin. Look for issues behind their ears, on their paws and on their nails. Our dermatological services care for these parts too and they can often be neglected.

What happens during a dermatological appointment?

The first thing we do is examine your pet from head to paw. While we do this, we will have an in depth conversation with you about their behaviour or the afflicted area. We will want to know when you spotted it, if it’s getting worse and how or if you’ve been treating it. We will search for external parasites and internal parasites through blood tests. Our goal is to provide a diagnosis so we can provide the best medical treatment that will rid them of their skin irritations. 

What happens after the appointment?

After the results come in, we’ll create a treatment plan to accommodate your pet’s lifestyle and health. If they’re allergic to the food they’re eating, we’ll suggest a nutritional substitute. We will provide antibiotics and ointments to soothe their pain and get rid of their irritations. If they have a parasitic infection, we’ll provide you with the best medicine to remove them from your pet’s system and prevent them from returning. 

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