Deworming is a medicinal practice that removes worms from your pet’s body and prevents them from returning. This is an important part of your pet’s medical journey. If your pet is not dewormed or routinely administered parasite prevention medication, they are vulnerable to infestations and are a threat to your pet community. To get your pet dewormed or to learn more about the process, call us at 613-354-1020.

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What happens during a deworming session?

We administer deworming medication through tablets or injections. This will help remove worms from your pet’s body. Adult worms will die, break apart and exit through your pet’s feces. Baby worms will not be affected. This is why deworming is an ongoing process. We will continue to flush the worms out through medication until there are none left. We will know the process is complete by monitoring their blood work.

Is picking up their feces safe?

No. When your pet is in the middle of their deworming process, handling their feces is dangerous. We suggest owners wear gloves, put the feces into a bag and immediately throw it away into a contained garbage can (outside your home, if possible). This will ensure there is no cross contamination.

When should my pet start deworming?

Mama pets can pass on worms to their puppies and kittens. For this reason, it’s recommended your pet begin their deworming process when they are 2 to 4-weeks-old. It will continue until they are 3-months-old. At this point, you can start them on their parasite prevention medication to keep them safe from parasites that can live on their skin or in their system.

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