Our hospital is available to accommodate your pet’s urgent needs. Our emergency care covers complicated pregnancies, broken bones, severe breathing complications and so much more. Don’t hesitate to speak with our veterinarians in advance about what an emergency is and how we can accommodate your pet in the future. To learn more about our emergency services, call us at 613-354-1020.

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What kind of emergencies do you handle?

We handle all types of emergencies. If your pet has been struck by a vehicle, has intense animal bites, is having a diabetic crisis or is bleeding profusely, we can help. We also treat fractures, broken bones and perform emergency surgeries.

What happens during an emergency visit?

Before you arrive or leave your home, please call our offices to be directed to a veterinarian that can help you. We’ll be able to guide you through monitoring your pet’s condition as you bring them to our hospital. Now that we’re aware of their situation, we’ll prepare the hospital to examine, diagnose and treat them. If surgery is necessary, we may have to do a quick blood test to determine how much anesthesia your pet can handle. Our veterinarians are trained to keep pets calm and pet parents informed. We can stabilize your pet’s condition and treat them according to their medical history.

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