Laser therapy is a non-invasive method that soothes your pet’s discomfort and quickens their healing time. It has the ability to calm inflammation experienced due to arthritis, infections and injuries. We suggest this treatment for many conditions and have seen substantial improvement for a wide variety of medical conditions. To find out if your pet’s health issues can be alleviated through laser therapy, call us at 613-354-1020.

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What are the benefits of laser therapy?

Laser therapy is a painless and drug free method to treat your pet’s health problems. Your pet gets to lay down for a few minutes at a time without a needle or sedative. They’re usually quite open to the process because the laser produces a warm sensation along the afflicted area. Our veterinarians often suggest laser therapy for pets post-operation. The treatment is able to optimize healing their incisions, minimize their scars and speed up their recovery time. 

How does laser therapy work?

We use a low level laser to hover over your pet’s body. Only the afflicted area is exposed to the laser. The laser then encourages your pet’s cells to regenerate. This will advance their healing process and reduce pain. The session lasts 10-15 minutes and is harmless to your pet’s overall health.

How often should my pet attend a laser therapy session?

The frequency of their appointments depends on the severity of their condition and how well they’re improving. Pet owners must observe their pet’s behaviour to determine if they’re experiencing pain. However, we usually arrange follow up appointments to monitor their progress and discuss whether they’ll need another round of therapy.

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