Microchipping your pet guarantees that, should they get lost and be found by a caring community member, you will be reunited. Microchips are not GPS trackers. Pet owners will not be able to monitor their pet’s location in real-time. They’re only effective when scanned by a veterinarian or animal shelter using a microchip scanner. To get your pet microchipped and maintain your peace of mind, call us at 613-354-1020.

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Does the microchip hurt my pet?

Inserting the microchip feels like a small pinch. It’s placed in between their shoulder blades in less than a minute. It’s the size of a grain of rice and is barely visible.

How exactly will I be reunited with my pet?

First, your pet must be found and brought to a veterinarian’s office or an animal shelter. They will be fed, have a wellness inspection and checked for a microchip. Once the chip is found, it will be scanned and your contact information will appear. It’s important to update your contact information should you move or change phone numbers. If you cannot be contacted, you cannot be reunited with your pet.

How do I upload my contact information?

Before your pet is microchipped, you’ll be given forms to fill out. These documents will align you with a pet registry service and they will include your pet’s microchip code. This information is for our safe keeping. It is your responsibility to fully register the code with the pet registry. Afterwards, if you move or change phone numbers you will log in to the pet registry or call them and update your contact information.

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