Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition counselling focuses on what your pet is eating, how often and how it makes them feel. These consultations are not always meant to encourage weight loss. These sessions can teach you how often your pet should be fed, the most nutritional food for them and how to enforce a disciplined eating schedule for a persistent eater. If you think your pet will benefit from nutritional counselling, call us at 613-354-1020 to book an appointment.

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What can we learn during a nutritional consultation?

Nutritional consultations are helpful for new pet owners. They can learn the difference between good and bad food for their pets. In fact, this information isn’t just for new pet owners. Many seasoned pet owners would benefit from a nutritional consultation. No pet is the same. As a result, their dietary needs must be accommodated. Nutritional consultations lets us know what nutrients and vitamins your pet needs and allows us to treat them with supplements or specialized food. If your pet has allergies or a weak immune system, we can provide you with the necessary substitutes to meet their nutritional needs.

Are nutritional consultations necessary?

Nutritional consultations are only necessary if they’re recommended by your veterinarian. Often, we recommend these sessions if we notice your pet is out of shape or if their blood tests indicate they have an allergy or are lacking nutrients. These consultations will introduce you to supplements that will help your pet gain or lose weight, as well as food that will provide the right nutrients and techniques to enforce an eating schedule. We will schedule a follow up appointment to monitor your pet’s progress and address any concerns you have about their condition.

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