Spay and Neutering

Getting your pet spayed or neutered is a humane procedure. Overpopulation has been an issue within the pet loving community. In many cases, there are more cats and dogs than there are homes to care for them. Also, spayed/neutered cats and dogs will not develop diseases in their reproductive organs because they will be removed. Learn more about how your pet will benefit from getting spayed or neutered by calling us at 613-354-1020.

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When should I get my pet spayed or neutered?

This is something to discuss with your veterinarian during your pet’s first wellness check. While most pets are spayed or neutered around 6 months of age, the time frame can vary for dogs depending on their size, breed and gender. Cats are usually spayed/neutered when they are 5-months-old. Dogs can be spayed/neutered when they are between 5 to 9-months-old.

What happens when my pet is spayed or neutered?

Getting your pet spayed or neutered is a surgical procedure. Their uterus, ovaries and testicles will be removed through an incision, which will be stitched back together. Before we begin the surgery we do a pre-anesthetic blood test to determine their tolerance to anesthesia and the level that is appropriate for them. After the surgery, we may allow them to board at our hospital so they can rest and the anesthesia can wear off. We may even suggest laser therapy to reduce the pain of the incisions and speed up their recovery time.

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