Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

All cats should go through a series of vaccinations to strengthen their immune system and protect them from fatal diseases. Not only do vaccines teach their bodies how to fight illnesses but it ensures your pet is safe to be around. Unvaccinated cats can be carriers of contagious diseases. They can pass on diseases to other pets and, in many cases, will not be allowed to board in veterinarian offices or animal spaces without their vaccines. To learn more about the vaccines we have available, call us at 613-354-1020.

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When should my cat be vaccinated?

Kittens should be vaccinated when they are 8 to 16-weeks-old. They should not socialize or play outside before they receive their vaccinations.

How often should they be vaccinated?

Cats will continue to be vaccinated every month until they are 4-months-old. This ensures their immune system is strong enough to fight diseases. After a year, your cat will receive a booster shot. Whether they continue to receive booster shots depends on your pet’s environment, lifestyle and the opinion of your veterinarian.

What kind of diseases do vaccines protect my cat from?

Vaccines are a form of preventative medication that protect your cats from catching debilitating, fatal and contagious diseases. Your cats will be safe from rabies, feline leukemia, cat distemper, feline caliciviruses (FCV) and more.

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