Veterinary Exam

Veterinary exams are an opportunity for our doctors to examine your pet and listen to any concerns you have about their well-being. These appointments are a vital part of your pet’s life as they age. Annual wellness checks allow us to monitor your pet’s health, detect any changes to their physical condition and search for underlying medical issues. The sooner we spot an issue, the faster we can treat it. Call us at 613-354-1020 to book your pet’s next veterinary exam.

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How often should my pet come in for a veterinary exam?

It is highly recommended pets have an annual veterinary exam. A lot can happen in a year, including abnormal growths, diseases or infections. Sometimes these issues are difficult for pet owners to notice. That’s where your veterinarian expertise comes in. Annual examinations allow us to search for changes to their body and temperament. It’s also a great opportunity for pet owners to share their own concerns and ask questions. As your pet gets older their immune system gets weaker and they are more vulnerable to certain medical conditions. As a result, we recommend senior pets visit us twice a year. Semi-annual visits to our office allow us to catch diseases sooner and treat them before they become chronic or fatal.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

During your pet’s veterinary exam, we will conduct a full body checkup. We’ll weigh them and inspect their body from head to paw for signs of disease, irritations, parasites or pain. Blood work will be arranged to determine if they have intestinal parasites, issues with their organs or a lack of nutrients. Depending on your pet’s results, we may arrange an X-ray or ultrasound to get a visual of your pet’s organs, intestines and bones. We will also have a conversation with pet owners about their pet’s behaviour, exercise routine, as well as their eating and sleeping schedule. These discussions give us a clear image of your pet’s condition and let us know if there’s anything else we should look out for.

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