Veterinary Referrals

Your pet’s healthcare is our first concern. If we’re unable to treat them or meet their specific needs, we will recommend them to a specialized and board certified veterinarian. This form of care is meant to center your pet’s well-being. It also ensures pet owners speak with an expert who can teach them about their pet’s condition. To learn more about our referral system and our network of specialized doctors, call us at 613-354-1020.

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Why are referrals necessary?

Referrals ensure that your pet gets the best medical support to treat their specific condition. While our veterinarians are constantly supplementing their knowledge with new skills and education, it’s impossible for them to know everything. We would rather see your pet in the care of a board certified specialist who often treat certain conditions exclusively.

How will my pet’s medical condition be accommodated at an unfamiliar veterinary office?

We have a trusted network of veterinary experts to which we refer our patients to. When our patients are referred to them, we share your pet’s medical history, the status of their condition and any concerns pet owners have. This ensures that during your first appointment, the doctor is up-to-date on your pet’s situation and is prepared to answer your questions. They will also conduct their own wellness check to search for any changes to their condition since the day your pet was referred.

Who will we be referred to in case of an emergency?

If there are medical situations we cannot handle, you will be recommended to another hospital. At the moment, Kingston Regional Pet Hospital is a hospital we refer our patients to for urgent care.

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