Blog: Dog and Cat

Senior Care

It looks like your pet is reaching their golden years. They’re wiser but just a little bit less eager to play. That’s totally normal! This just means your pet’s healthcare will need to be adjusted. They will need extra medical attention and positive support to get them exercising.

Parasite Control and Prevention

Protecting your pet from parasites is not your job alone. Caring for animals is a community driven mission. Our veterinarians at Lennox & Addington can help you create a near impenetrable parasite control and prevention plan to guard your pet from infestations. When pet owners commit to giving their pet…


Our orthopedic services cater to your pet’s broken bones, fractures and inflamed joints. These issues can develop through genetics, as some animals are vulnerable to certain conditions, or through injuries. Regardless of how they originate, your pet is likely uncomfortable, in pain and should be treated as soon as possible.

Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition counselling focuses on what your pet is eating, how often and how it makes them feel. These consultations are not always meant to encourage weight loss. These sessions can teach you how often your pet should be fed, the most nutritional food for them and how to enforce a…